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Born in Rome but living in Versilia, Emanuele Giannelli is an Italian viscerally provocative artist, where provocative means "provocateur of emotions". Giannelli is a lover of contemporaneity and dual human nature: innovative and potentially capable of doing anything it wants on one hand, deeply self-destructive on the other. His works are a perfect balance between figurative and conceptual arts, thanks to which the artist immortalises all the chaos of the contemporaneity without giving judgment but remaining a spectator, suspended among doubts and possibilities.

New 2023


What if you could wear a work of art?
Emanuele Giannelli's sculptures become jewels to wear.

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Events and news

Here are the most recent news about my art.

July 2020

White Carrara Downtown

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From June 15th 2020

Galleria il Forte - Forte Dei Marmi

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Torano Notte e Giorno

Village of Torano, Carrara

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From 12 to 14 July 2019

Water Marble Experience

Palazzo Ducale Massa

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Pietrasanta - 3 August / 1 September 2019

Personal Exhibition Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta, Via Barsanti 11

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Carrara - 20 July / 10 August 2019

Personal Exhibition Carrara

Carrara Gallery, Piazza Alberica 6b Schedule: 19:00 / 23:00

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Carrara - from 1 to 9 of june 2019

White Carrara Downtown

Palazzo Binelli - Carrara, dalle ore 18 alle 23. L'installazione "Xtopia Tribý" cerca di farci sognare. Un gruppo scultoreo come uno stormo di umani, nuotano nell'aria sopra di noi.

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Massa - 24 may 2019

Between virtual reality and the art of Giannelli sculptor

A partire dalle ore 18:00 un viaggio virtuale alla scoperta delle opere dell'artista Emanuele Giannelli. Con la collaborazione dello Studio Rafanelli, Equipe ZEROUNO e Opera1TECHNO.

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A unique project

Between virtual reality and the art of Giannelli sculptor.


What they say about me.

NiccolÚ Bonechi

The name of the exhibition Identitŗ alterate (Altered identities) intends to point out the key aspect of Giannelliís research, which - unintentionally perhaps - is summarized by the quote ďas the face is the image of the soul, the eyes are the interpretersĒ (De oratore, M. T. Cicero): having established an interest in the human body, which most certainly matured during his years as a student, it is necessary to dwell on the outline of the face.

About the artist

Emanuele Giannelli

Being from Rome and having lived there for nineteen years I was able to visit the classical museums of the city, and observe the paths and evolution of ancient sculpture. At the Academy of Fine Arts with Emilio Greco in Rome first and then with Floriano Bodini in Carrara, we worked on figurative art a lot and I always saw it as a challenge, looking for improvement and fusion. Over the years I thought of figurative art as a conceptual element, bringing together proportions, twists and muscles with theoretical objectives, making figures become ideas and thoughts and human sculptures become mental representations. Finding a balance between figurative art and conceptual art wasnít easy: the risk of academicism or of trivial search for beauty is always lurking. Whatís important is to know when to stop and to let outside energies intervene, attaching a bolt to a back, making lines and cuts into wounds, microchips, mechanical parts and looking for elements that draw the attention to contemporary concepts. The challenge of figurative art remains, and there is a lot of work to do to juxtapose the human figure to modern neurosis and change.


Emanuele Giannelli

I think social and political involvement should be expected by every artist. Art is a crucial tool for looking into, examining and portraying the contemporary world. Problems connected with bioethics, biodiversity and body manipulation can - and must - start a debate. Lets not forget that the natural essence of art is communication. I have no certain answers, but through my research I plan on asking questions to fuel debate and confrontation.


Andrea Tenerini

Emanuele Giannelli comes out of the shadows for the first time. His success was inevitable and lately, his work has expanded and grown larger, making it difficult to express his vision in restrictive and contained spaces. Although the exhibition spaces were large in the recent Spoleto and Viareggio shows, they confirmed the urge for a challenge with urban landscapes. While the strong references to figurative art from the past and inclination to identify and interpret the present and the uncertain immediate future, typical of the artistís values for some time, were in themselves positive factors for the challenge of displaying sculptures in public spaces, his recent, larger work highlights the inevitable need for generous exhibition spaces.

About the artist

Emanuele Giannelli

Art has to encourage communication between people. Society is ever-changing and consequently artistic research must also be in line with the times and look for new drive, advancement and unusual transitions: it must be able to approach innovation. Unfortunately nowadays artists often deal with a tight network of experts and critics excluding prospective consumers. I think creating a language for a restricted group of people is wrong. Art is sharing.



Aviatori, 2014 | Baraye, 2023 | Battaglia di Babele, 2013 | Bipedi, 2009 | Bronzi, 2020 | Bronzi due, 2020 | Cacciatore di Batteri, 2019 | Capsule Hotel, 2024 | Cervello umano, 2023 | Contemporary thought, 2017 | Dizzy 3. ZERO, 2022 | Dizzy two, 2014 | Dizzy Two - bronzo, 2023 | Dizzy Two big, 2016 | Dominia, 2018 | Double skin, 2015 | Double Skin - marmo, 2021 | Dunlop man, 2017 | El Santo, 2016 | Fabbricanti di cellule staminali, 2013 | For Timothy, 1998 | Fulminati, 2023 | Giostra, 2021 | Grande viaggio, 2019 | Gravity, 2023 | Haida, 2009 | Hovo sapiens, 2014 | Humanoid, 2015 | iMonkey Tribý, 2022 | Korf 17, 2017 | Korf 17 giant, 2017 | Korf 17 small, 2017 | Lady F., 2021 | Lady F. 2/3, 2024 | Lady F. 2/3 (raku), 2024 | Macchina volante, 2022 | Magic mushroom, 2019 | Major Tom, 2017 | Mr. Arbitrium, 2021 | Mr. Arbitrium - bronzo, 2021 | Mr. Arbitrium Mirrored, 2023 | Mr. Kiribati, 2016 | Mr. Kiribati small, 2014 | Nine Inch Nails, 2020 | Obbiettivo comune, 2020 | Pankow, 2018 | Polaroid, 2015 | Radio Tower, 2020 | Raku, 2021 | Self portrait, 2017 | si men thal, 2020 | Sig. Jeak, 2014 | So wath, 2014 | Soldato Daz, 2015 | Sospesi, 2013 | Sospesi piccoli, 2022 | Stati di allerta, 2017 | Stati di allerta big, 2017 | Studio per Burning man Festival, 2020 | The Dreamer, 2019 | The Watcher, 2020 | Totemthoot, 2022 | Totemthoot - bronzo, 2022 | Uomo Aquilone, 2022 | Visionari, 2012 | Visionari big, 2016 | Waiting for play, 2018 | Xtopia Tribý, 2019 |

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